The climate in Marche reflects exactly the four typical seasons of the temperate zones.


It is rather cold; the low temperatures permit that, during four months in one year, you can practise winters sports like alpine ski, "sci da fondo ", snowboard. You can use facilities which do not envy those of the most known alpine places.
There is snow for almost all winter period, along the mountains that delimit the Region in his Western slopes, giving to landscape a typical northern atmosphere, but with temperatures in each case more mediterranean.

The clothes that we recommend you for this season change according to the type of vacation that you are planning. If you intend a holiday in the mountains, the clothes must be those ones typically from the north, with wind-cheaters and sweaters of wool. If you instead wish ro stay near the coast, the milder climate allows to avoid the heavy sweaters of wool and allows to walk wearing lighter jackets.


Spring starts soon and is the "bridge" toward the long and hot summer. It is distinguished by the variety of colours and by a very pleasant climate.
It is the ideal season for long walks along the mountains and for a visit to the characteristics historical towns; in addition to that the sun allows the first sun-tan at the sea.

We recommend you to bring clothes certainly lighter than the ones used in winter time , and we also suggest to put a bathing suit in your suitcase (we never know !)


Certainly it is the season devoted to the sea and to his pleasures. You will have the opportunity to pass the days getting taned thanks to the strong sun, and the evenings in company of the good food based of fish. For all those people who are sleepless, they can continue to enjoy their long nights along the Coast.
The temperatures of this season are high and often are over the 30 centigrade degrees.
The people who do not like the heat or are simply looking for some cool they could go to the mountains. There they can visit the towns and the places that during summer time become populated by all those who love long walks, quietness and cool air.

The clothes that we recommend you are extremely light; besides that we suggest to carry with you solar protective creams, because the sun in Marche is also known for the his strong intensity.


Like the Spring, autumn is characterized by its many colours, especially along the country site until the slopes of the Appennineses.
The tones of red, yellow, green and brown create a mix of colours that remembers the paintings of the impressionists.
Autumn is often a nice prolongation of summer. It is not rare to notice people along the beaches that, also in the middle of October, walk enjoying the last moments of hot and sun.
This is the right period for knowing the Region, with its many historical towns and natural beauties, thanks the agreeability of the climate, with lot of sun and little of rain.

By the way the rain, certainly in Marche in any moment of the year you will find very little of it and in any case never of high intensity.In fact, its particular geographical position and the chain of the Appennineses protect it from the Atlantics perturbations that instead strike often the Italian coasts of Tirreno.

The clothes that we recommend you in this season are once more light, also if you could find colder days mainly when we are close to winter time.
Let's carry a light suitcase, it will be a good excuse for shopping in an area, where you could find everywhere the best shops of clothes that the Italian fashion could offer you.