The Marche area is rich in history and art. This fact becomes clear if one takes a look at some of the more than 100 artistis towns, the 139 castels, the 15 fortresses and forts, the 170 towers, the thousands af churches, the more than 40 well kept convents, the 24 archeological sights, and the 71 historical theatres of which 42 are still running.

In this part of MarcheHoliday you will find some facts about Le Marche, as well as a presentation of the nicest and most interesting medieval villages which we recommend you to go visiting. We will also give you some information about the artistic treasures that we suggest you to see in the different areas.

  Naturally you are very welcome to ask more information, simply by sending us a mail to this adress:; We will be pleased to help you getting to know better those towns that you are planning to visit.